CREPUSCULUM "Visions Of The Apocalypse" /CD/

Debut full-length album of the sensational Black Metal one man project from Poland.
9 hymns devoted to satanic magic, blasphemy, decay and mankind's destruction.
Odium Records, 2010 (Odium Art CD 006)

1.Mare Mortum 01:13
2.Eternal Oblivion 03:54
3.Gniew Niezniszczalnych 04:04
4.Demon's Reign 04:40
5.Ars Moriendi - Sztuka Umierania 04:53
6.The Prophecy 03:51
7.Extermination Mysteries 03:43
8.Wizje Apokalipsy 03:09
9.Lamashtu 06:32
Total playing time: 35:59

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