CREHATED “Anthems Of Hate” /CD/

Debut and only full-length album by Italian Thrash Metal band.
Crehated's intentions and qualities come shining through right at the outset. Frantic as the creepy evil clown on the cover, this is one hell of a Thrash assault. On "Anthems Of Hate", Crehated's attitude is that of a seasoned poker pro at the world series; fairly tight with a healthy dose of aggression when it has to. What we have here is an old school spirit blended with modern sounding grooves. More than that, "Anthems Of Hate" is full of riff-based songs, containing shifting tempos and enough solos to keep its audience entertained the whole way through.
"Anthems Of Hate" is an album bolstered up with a healthy dose of aggression, thick guitar leads, and some really good instrumental sections. The vocal performances are little at the forefront, bombarding the hapless listener with various snarls, screams and distorted squeaks, at times nearly all at the same moment. The songs have a fairly decent production. There are quite a few interesting moves thrown in which show some promise. For example, the way the guys play with various rhythms, genre changes, sonic effects and synthesizers. It’s occasionally a bit too excessive.
Several Death Metal elements are indeed incorporated on "Anthems Of Hate"; greatest example are the vocals. As a matter of fact, in some of these songs Thrash Metal and mid-paced Death Metal almost come head to head. But Crehated do manage to bridge the gap between Death Metal and Thrash Metal without entirely butchering the essential nature of the latter.
"Anthems Of Hate" is a important debut, in which the talent of the musicians is accompanied by a songwriting inspired and open to many influences!
SG Records, (SGCD007). Made in Italy. First press.

1. You = Zero
2. S.O.V.I.E.T. 
3. Tear You Down
4. Violent Circus
5. The Fall Of Tiamat
6. Howl Of The Demons
7. Reborn In Chaos
8. The Holy Inquisition 
9. God's Executioner

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