BONFIRE “Point Blank” /LP/

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The third full-length studio album by the cult German Melodic Hard Rock/Glam Metal band.
One of the Melodic Hard Rock scenes most talented and yet underrated bands, with their energetic anthems, fist pumping rockers, and high-class Power ballads. It's a shame that not many people know about this band.
Released in 1988, "Point Blank" was the follow-up to Bonfire's breakthrough album "Fire Works" and it surpassed all expectations. The sound here is not typical 80's Hard Rock but that is an obvious influence. The best comparison would be "Jump The Gun" era Pretty Maids.
The music begins with "Bang Down the Door" and "Waste No Time", two semi-fast paced full on Hard Rock songs with infectious melodies and just exploding with energy. "Hard On Me" has some nice keyboards in the intro as well and slows down just a bit to a more mid-tempo level. After this comes the first ballad, "Why is it Never Enough". An almost epic track (for an 80's Melodic Hard Rock band) comes next. "Tony's Roulette" has a guitar melody line that is very recognizable and a gang shouted chorus that makes this a sleeper hit amongst other Bonfire fans. A rather odd interlude track is next, and then after that comes one of the best songs, "You're Back". With a beautiful intro riff, this song shows everyone the blueprint to Hard Rock perfection, pounding drums, melodies out the ass, and a chorus that borders on godliness it simply cannot be beat. "Look of Love" and "The Price of Loving You" are some nice slow songs, not ballads but slow driving love songs like only Bonfire can do... an excellent songs in an excellent album...
During the recording sessions of this album, Hans Ziller was fired from the band, but the album features ten songs written by him as well as three that feature him playing. Freddy Curci from Alias, Sheriff and Zion also contributed to additional backing vocals for this album. Originally, the band had recorded 30 songs and settled on 17 tracks for the album (CD; 15 on vinyl version).
"Point Blank" entered the UK album charts on 21 October 1989, and reached number 74; it was only in the chart for 1 week.
This is one of the best Melodic Hard Rock albums ever made. It's not a classic in the sense but it is an essential nonetheless. Every song on here is at least above average and over half of the album is Hard Rock perfection! Give Bonfire a listen and help bring them out of the shadows!!
BMG International/MSA Records GmbH, 1989 (ZL 74249). Made in Holland. First press. Used (cover/disc): EX+/NM.

1. Bang Down The Door 3:16
2. Waste No Time 3:15
3. Hard On Me 3:08
4. Why Is It Never Enough 4:02
5. Tony's Roulette 4:20
6. Minestrone 0:59
7. You're Back 3:13
8. Look Of Love 4:35
9. Freedom Is My Belief 3:45
10. Gimme Some 3:14
11. Never Surrender 5:04
12. (20th Century) Youth Patrol 3:23
13. Jungle Call 0:22
14. Know Right Now 4:01
15. Who's Foolin' Who 3:30
Total playing time: 50:07

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