BOG-MOROK "Stadiae II" /CD/

Second full-length album by Cyber Industrial Death Metal band from Russia.
Considering that the band started off as a Doom/Death Metal act, this album is somewhat out of left field. BOG-MOROK is more than just Industrialized Metal. They are an atmospheric and efficient force to be reckoned with musically. “Stadiae II” is full to the brim of down-tuned riffs, synthesized and straight up harsh vocals, mechanical drumming, and danceable samples and synths.
For fans of Pain and Rammstein!!
More Hate Productions, 2005 (MHP 05-041)

1.No Fate 04:40
2.Exile 03:52
3.New Gloom 03:54
4.Stadiae II 04:44
5.Five Degrees 05:58
6.Diatribe 03:47
7.No More 04:00
8.Nyctalopia 04:43
9.D - K 04:12
10.Sleepless 06:40
11.Second Wind 40:30

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