BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS "Let The War Begin - reissue" /CD/

Completely re-recorded re-issue of 3rd full-length album by Italian Horror Thrash Metal band.
The re-release contains two bonus tracks.
Musthave for all the nostalgists of the 80's Metal and the fans of classic horror sound!
My Kingdom Music, 2010 (echo071)

1.The Awakening
2.Let The War Begin
3.Black Solitude
4.Blood Thirsty Demons
5.I Am The Evil
6.This Is My Death
7.Burn The Witches
8.... All Is Black
9.Lucifer's Fall
10.Lady Of Sin
Bonus Tracks:
11.I Can't Change This World
12.Black Sabbath Medley
Total playing time: 54:00

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6th full-length album by Italian Horror Thrash Metal band. Absolutely the most powerful Italian Thrash Metal band, with its unmistakable 80's style!! All the atmosphere of this album is a mix of US Thrash, Doom, classic Heavy and old Horror Music!!! It's a musthave for all the nostalgists ..