BLEED THE MAN “Behind The Walls Of Reality” /CD/

Debut full-length album by Spanish Melodic Metal band.
A lot of time and hard work have given band’s result in this debut album that has been recorded and produced in Mallorca (Balearyc Islands) at Psychosomatic Recording Studio. Stylistically the music hard to describe and classify. The quintet plays Melodic Metal with a lot of clean vocals , but also a lot of screams and growls some specifically used. The verses are usually hard, but can never miss melodies and choruses in contrast, often catchy and very melodic.
Melodic Metal with a touch of 80's - 90's Thrash, in conjunction with an exceptional vocal performance, define this whole masterpiece. Deep emotional lyrics have been specially written for the songs treating themes like anguish, fear, despair, rage, love... all sort of feelings that take place in human nature. “Behind The Walls Of Reality” exposes the thoughts of human mind in order to retrieve some kind of inner peace through the music. 
Rough guitar riffs with solos that would take anyone to another level of consciousness, aggressive bass lines, raw drums and powerful vocals with amazing melodic parts make this album a complex mixture of different music styles that characterize Bleed The Man's essence making this recording a “must have” for all Metal fans!
Noise Head Records, 2010 (NHR1410). Made in Austria.

1. Not An Angel     4:37 
2. A New Beginning     4:56 
3. I Fought For You     4:27 
4. The Darkened Sun     4:06 
5. Blank Page     4:15 
6. Unreal     5:09 
7. Behind The Walls Of Reality     1:43    
8. Untold Tragedy     5:22 
9. U O Me     4:18 
10. Oblivion     4:03 
11. We Become One     5:26 
12. Bleed The Man     3:15
Total playing time: 51:37

Samples:  http://www.lastfm

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