BE'LAKOR “Of Breath And Bone” /CD/

The third full-length album by Australian Melodic Death Metal band.
Three years since the release of the acclaimed "Stone’s Reach", Be’lakor have returned with their highly anticipated third full-length. Mixed and mastered by renowned engineer Jens Bogren (Opeth, Soilwork, Amon Amarth), "Of Breath And Bone" weaves a stunning tapestry of searing melodies and despondent moods through stories of decay, dreams and mortal failure.
The band rockets in spurts, but detail, opulence and fluid transitions are principally the band's focus. "Of Breath And Bone" breaks no new ground for Be'lakor, but it sustains the band's near-mystic prowess for captivation. Upon a first sweep of the liner notes, starting off with the uneasy prospect on the cover that Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf might've actually been in cahoots, you know you're in for a cerebral treat.
For Death Metal, Be'lkor's delicate techniques and expressive wonderment makes them almost tame, but never make the mistake of assuming virtuosity compromises this band. The instrumental interlude "To Stir the Sea" with its synthetic flutes and gorgeous acoustic weaves summons the subliminal sound of crashing tides in the listener's mind. This sets up a sprinkle of piano overtop the steady and eloquent crunch of "In Parting". In Testament's realm, a Thrash opus would follow an interceding guitar instrumental, but Be'lakor shows that slow and sure is just as powerful. Soon, "In Parting" accelerates beyond its climbing decorativeness, much as Be'lakor does earlier in the album on "Abeyance" and "Remnants".
While the entire album is sprawled with extensive structuring, the rear section of "In Parting" is a widespread sequence of nine minute mini-epics running through "In Parting" and "To Dream and the Waking", then concluding with "By Moon and Star". There is so much happening in these three compositions they could sustain themselves as a separate release. Bursting at double hammer only in doses, they're still emotive and articulate, demanding a dedicated investment of the listener's attention.
Another impressive outing for a band that might as well be considered architects more than mere musicians. If you're already a fan, "Of Breath And Bone" is happily status quo. If you're just stepping up to Be'lakor, the experience will be comparable to witnessing the genesis of a dark horse character in a comic book series rise to prominence.
In conclusion, this is a grand album that will never tire you!
Kolony Records, 2012 (KR013CD). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Abeyance 08:04
2. Remnants 06:14
3. Fraught 06:46
4. Absit Omen 06:06
5. To Stir the Sea 01:29 instrumental
6. In Parting 09:21
7. The Dream and the Waking 09:17
8. By Moon and Star 08:58 
Total playing time: 56:15


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