The third full-length album by the Chilean Funeral Doom/Death Metal band.
“FiVe” is a selection of the songs considerate as the best of the first age of Aura Hiemis… the songs that a lot of people always wanted to hear in a better quality. The song “My Sweet Desire” recorded as a demo in the promo “Maeror Demens” added with 4 songs of the “Terra Umbrarum” album, and… after five years of the first release, this five songs combined a new album to make happy the fans and friends who wanted to hear this songs in a really professional quality.
Pleasure for fans of: Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, old Therion and Mar De Grises!
Endless Winter, 2013 (EW-014). Made in Russia. First press.

1. De Tenebris 5:35
2. Penta Imperium 7:52
3. Doomentia 11:39
4. In Noctem 6:09
5. My Sweet Desire 11:49
Total playing time: 43:04

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