APPARITION (Kor) “Nemesis Divina” /CD/

Second full-length album by Korean Black Metal band.
Long running Black Metal band from South Korea retelling the past glory of their ancient culture, the clash of swords, blood and tyranny from the East. This album ripping with ferociously raw underground energy!
Released before on tape only, this CD issue have a slightly different cover (same artwork different configuration). Limited edition to 550 copies.
Mystic Pagan Black Metal at it best!
Fallen-Angels Productions, 2013 (AngeL002). Made in South Korea. First press.

1. Blackdragon's Authority (黑龙之能)
2. Nemesis Divina (四大天王)
3. Acalanatha (不动明王)
4. Way of Blood (血之道)
5. Upon Consent of the Ancient Warrior's Soul (早衣仙人)
6. Song of the Musa (武将之歌)
7. Thine Hour Hast Come (cover Horde)
8. Bba Bba Bba (cover Crayon Pop)

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