AKERCOCKE “Goat Of Mendes” /Digipack CD/

Re-release of the second full-length album by the British Progressive Black/Death Metal band.
Formed by Jason Mendecona and David Gray after the split of their previous band, Salem Orchid, Akercocke didn't take long to make a name for themselves. Their brand of Black/Death Metal driven by sex, lust and perversion is both sickening and enticing beyond comprehension. With a range of vocal techniques and styles of music, Akercocke are an interesting band to say the least. 
Akercocke's Satan-worshipping Black/Death Metal is combined with surprising elements such as clean vocal passages and frequent atmosphere-building instrumentation and effects to produce a record which is often musically more adventurous and complex than one might initially think. A very significant part of the record is made of blastbeats and screams or crunchy Death riffs and grunts, but Akercocke always seem willing to induce certain awkwardness in the listener through unexpected twists and odd sounds in their music. Considerably more involved and accomplished than the band's intriguing debut "Rape Of The Bastard Nazerene", "The Goat of Mendes" also boasts superior, less cavernous sound quality compared to its predecessor, as well as more blastbeats and far more Cradle Of Filth-like screaming. Well-constructed, varied and powerful tracks such as "A Skin for Dancing In" prove that Akercocke are well above the majority of the often rather stereotypical Black/Death that gets released these days.
"The Goat Of Mendes" is Extreme Metal, and at its finest: simultaneously surging forward into the style's future, and reliving its. If you can withstand sexual themes and explicit lyrics in your music, buy this now! If you like Black Metal, Death Metal, or just good Atmospheric music in general, pick this one up!!
Enhanced re-edition contains "Infernal Rites" video as a bonus.
Peaceville Records, 2001/2005 (CDVILED95). Made in UK.

1. Of Menstrual Blood and Semen     06:26 
2. A Skin for Dancing In     07:18 
3. Betwixt Iniquitatis and Prostigiators     02:13
4. Horns of Baphomet     07:06 
5. Masks of God     04:52 
6. The Serpent     03:47
7. Fortune My Foe     01:16
8. Infernal Rites     04:30
9. He Is Risen     04:48
10. Breaking Silence     04:16
11. Initiation     01:11
12. Ceremony of Nine Angles     08:53
Total playing time: 56:36

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