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The ninth full-length album by the cult German Thrash Metal band.
The cemented road back to the true nature of the accusation chair, a sole purpose to an impressive merriment of brutality meets class. Slowly and gradually, the hanging advocates of the Teutonic fury are back at least one step closer to their older selves. Stand and be counted before the German Accu§er, led by the German version of Max Cavalera, Frank Thoms.
Accu§er returned to their diehard voracious days of “Who Dominates Who?”, “Double Talk”, “Repent” but also with a slice of “Reflections”, as actual Thrashers without seeding the need for additional Grooves al’a Machine Head to aggrandize their rhythms. Furthermore, “Diabolic” flares with extra crisp chops of the skins, well executed Thrash rhythm guitar riffs that would take care of the craving for violence, and the demonstration of the chief ingredient that escalated with notable harmonies and created melodies. On other hand, the band’s comeback to the past also invited various of outer German treats that laid the law on their music such as the rages of nowadays Exodus and Testament.
Fundamentally, “Diabolic” is a tightly bread Thrash Metal album, indulging, as the band’s hankering to return to the old days, where the fist was punched right in the face without stop signs until the entire bone structure was broken, yet with class. For some reason Accu§er has never been one of Germany’s foremost Thrash bands, it's tend to repeat themselves at times, but there is more to it. Their music, and their wall of sound throughout the album, are loyal to the true nature of the genre, keeping the old flame with the best of their indictment chair. The addition of the extra melodic ends was so needed and is provided substantially. Maybe this is the elevation they need to finally be counted themselves!
Oldschool Teutonic Thrash Metal with touches of “Brazilian school”!!
Red Shift Music/H’Art, 2013 (RS003). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Apocalyptic Decay     6:03 
2. Diabolic     5:47 
3. Cannibal Insanity     5:09 
4. Deification     5:49 
5. Dethroned     6:56 
6. Beyond The Blackness     6:53 
7. Save Your Legend     5:14 
8. Immortal Aggression     6:56 
9. Remains Of Chaos     5:06 
10. World Wide Violence     7:31
Total playing time: 61:24


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