Embroidered bordered woven patch.


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MUNICIPAL WASTE “The Fatal Feast - Waste In Space” /Ltd. Slipcase CD/

The fifth full-length album by the American Thrash Metal/Crossover band. Exodus described aptly the aesthetics of being caught in a Thrash mosh pit in their all time classic anthem “Toxic Waltz” published in 1989. Good friendly violent fun in store of all. In the case of Municipal Waste..


MUNICIPAL WASTE “Waste 'Em All” /Ltd. LP/

The debut full-length album by American Thrash Metal/Crossover band. Municipal Waste were formed in Richmond, Virginia, in 2001, and are one of the most prolific acts in the revival of Crossover/Thrash Metal in first 10 years of the new millennium. Crossover is a term used for what you find in betw..