MUCOPUS "Mulch?!?" /CD/

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Technical and Guttutal Brutality from New York. They are so young, but do not underestimate. They have a good song writting and arrenging skill. You will be able to find a new style brutal death metal mixed HC and various elements. They are kicking your ass and crushing your brain.
Amputated Vein Records, 2005 (AVR014)

1.One Is Too Many and a Thousand Is Never Enough 03:04
2.Superfluous Anomia 03:31
3.Pre-Natal Caseation 04:13
4.Language Unheard 03:33
5.Cock Blister 03:22
6.Corporation X 02:40
7.Technology Divine 03:02
8.Borf Snarffle Squirt 02:21
9.Wasted 02:02

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