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MORTIFICATION “Break The Curse 1990-2010: 20th Anniversary Gold Edition” /Ltd. CD + DVD/

  • MORTIFICATION “Break The Curse 1990-2010: 20th Anniversary Gold Edition” /Ltd. CD + DVD/

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Remastered re-release of the cult album “Break The Curse” by legendary Australian Thrash/Death Metal band.
When it comes to Christian Metal, there are a few names always seem to arise as those that actually made a dent on the scene musically: Trouble, Believer, Stryper and notably, Mortification.
"Break The Curse" was actually never a Mortification album, until 1994. The 6 first songs on this CD are from the "Break The Curse" demo-tape, recorded back in 1990, when the band was still called LightForce. Nuclear Blast reissues this stuff in 1994, including the rest of the songs recorded during the same sessions, as well as a new track called "Butchered Mutilation" (originally featured on a Nuclear Blast sampler).
In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of “Break The Curse”, a strictly limited edition 2 Disc Gold Edition is now available! Disc one includes a fully remastered version of “Break the Curse” as well as 8 bonus tracks that include the ''Noah Sat Down'' EP, ''Eyes of Destruction'' EP and more. Disc 2 is a DVD of a show that has never been released in its entirety! Not just any show, this is the very first Mortification live show ever captured in Melbourne, Australia at the Harvest Centre! Recorded on June 15th 1990, it has been completely remastered and restored.
“Break The Curse” features raw brutal Thrash Metal that is short on subtly and long on intensity. All men play on ten and this release is on eleven! A Metal assault that will dig in and take no prisoners, this album is the real thing!!
Roxx Records, 2010 (RRCD-MRT-01). Made in USA.


CD 1:
1. Blood Sacrifice     3:35 
2. Brutal Warfare     4:01 
3. Impulsation     4:28 
4. Turn     0:56 
5. New Beginnings     2:36 
6. Break The Curse     2:38 
7. Illusion Of Life     4:55 
8. Your Last Breath     3:24 
9. Journey Of Reconciliation     4:26 
10. The Majestic Infiltration Of Order     1:07 
Bonus tracks:
11. Time Crusaders [Studio Version]     4:43
12. Eyes Of Destruction [1987 Lightforce Recording]     5:37
13. Envision A Beginning / Buried Into Obscurity     5:34
14. Steve Talks / Noah Was A Knower     4:08
15. Interview With Steve     10:52

1. Blood Sacrifice 
2. Brutal Warfare 
3. Illusion Of Life 
4. Break The Curse 
5. Journey Of Reconciliation 
6. Searching 
7. Infectious Growth 
8. City Streets
9. Impulsation 
10. Bathed In Blood 
11. Eyes Of Destruction 
12. Your Last Breath
13. New Beginnings 
14. The Majestic Infiltration Of Order/ Turn

Total playing time: 34:57

Samples:  http://www.lastfm

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