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MÖRK GRYNING "Mörk Gryning" /CD/

  • MÖRK GRYNING "Mörk Gryning" /CD/

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Fifth full-length album by Swedish Progressive Melodic Black Metal Band.
In January 2005 multi-instrumentalist (guitars, bass, keyboards and backing vocals) Jonas Berndt (who otherwise went under the pseudonym of Goth Gorgon) officially announced his departure from Mörk Gryning (Citing a lack of interest in Black/Death Metal), thus bringing the end of the band after twelve years in the Swedish Black Metal underground. In their time, Mörk Gryning (which also comprised of lead vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist and drummer Peter Nagy (Draakh Kimera) and keyboardist/backing vocalist Johan Larsson (Aeon)) managed to record four full-length albums (all of which were released through No Fashion Records), but still remained a cult act rather than join the ranks of other well known acts on the scene. As a fitting parting gift, Mörk Gryning allowed followers to download tracks that the band were working on at the time, which surprisingly enough generated enough interest from fans for the band to complete one final release. Swedish Black Metal horde when it’s officially was disbanded, due to major pressure from fans have decided to release a final album.
Combining primitive Black Metal (without the equally raw sounding production that generally accompanies such work) with Death Metal blast beat intensity, Mörk Gryning manage to create a style that not only sounds convincing (at delivering both genres at the same time), but injects enough melody and Progressive influences into the mix to stand out from most other acts at the same time. Mörk Gryning’s final release is the one album where the band had really managed to master their chosen art!
CD includes At The Gates cover “Neverwhere”, which originally appeared on the tribute album “Slaughterous Souls - A Tribute To At The Gates” ’2004 as well as one hidden track!!
Black Lodge Records, 2005 (BLOD 034CD). Made in Sweden. Pressed in Austria.

1. Lazarus Rising     0:56 
2. Ingen Dyrkan     3:41 
3. The Sun     3:41 
4. Into Oblivion     3:30 
5. The Aurora     6:02 
6. Pure     5:32 
7. All Discarded     5:58 
8. Disguise My Parting     4:26 
9. Neverwhere (At the Gates cover)    6:21
Total playing time: 40:07

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