MORGUES CHILD "…From The Cunt To The Grave" /CD/

Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore from Russia with the dense zombie sound, rhythmic changes and cheerful themes. Members MEMBRO GENITALI BEFURCATOR. Excellent Growls!
CD incl. video-bonus + pit-art.
Coyote Records, 2010 (COY 78-10)

1.I Fuck Your Life, You Must Be Dead 01:43
2.Pain and Scream (Golovkin Maniac) 01:49
3.Degloving Injury 01:54
4.Syphilitic End 02:05
5.Frigidity 01:54
6.Genetic Torture 03:27
7.Fog of Death (Mortician Cover) 01:51
8.Concensque (Gut Cover) 01:05
9.Roast Body 02:16
10....From the Cunt to the Grave 01:40

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