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MICHAEL PHILLIPS "Mirrors Within Mirrors" /CD/

  • MICHAEL PHILLIPS "Mirrors Within Mirrors" /CD/

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The debut full-length solo album by Progressive Thrash Metal guitarist Michael Phillips (Deliverance, Fasedown, etc.).
Is an eccentric work in which Phillips takes a foundation of the Progressive and mixes in acoustic leanings with the Traditional Metal and Thrash of his past. Album has both Thrash Metal and Progressive elements intertwined with acoustic pieces throwing in some slight touches of Metal. Specifically, “Mirrors Within Mirrors” is predominantly instrumental, it includes only three full length vocal pieces and two others with vocal portions, while focusing heavily on Phillips playing’ both electric and acoustic.  The album opens to a trilogy of songs in “All I Ever Wanted” and “Mirrors Within Mirrors” (parts one and two) that run the gamut from Progressive Metal, instrumental Hard Rock, Jazz-Fusion-Jam band influences, Thrash and Speed Metal to occasional acoustic moments. The end result is nearly thirty minutes of the most inspired and creative music you will experience!
Special guest appearances: Jim Chaffin (Crucified, Fasedown), Mark Solomon (Crucified, Stavesacre), Jimmy Brown (Deliverance), Devin Shaeffer (Fasedown, Once Dead), Matt Davis (Oh Sleeper), Bill Bachman (Neil Morse) and Scott Waters (Ultimatum, Once Dead).
It’s a great release with seriously mind-numbing guitar work!!
Roxx Productions/NePlus Ultra Music, 2009 (RPCD-MP01). Made in USA.

1. All I Ever Wanted
2. Mirrors within Mirrors pt1
3. I. Outer Darkness
4. II. Infinite Mirrors
5. III. Divisions
6. IV. Tempus Fugit
7. Mirrors within Mirrors pt2
8. I. Without Form
9. II. The Journey
10. III. Secret Games
11. IV. The Darkest Hour
12. V. Passion
13. VI. Nails and Tears
14. Prelude #3 from the well tempered clavier
15. Always Remember
16. Anthem
17. Omega
18. Seasons of Life
19. One Day
20. It's the Beat (Deliverance cover feat. Scott Waters of Ultimatum)
21. Who am I? pt. 1 (a song for Christopher)
22. I will praise Him still
23. Omega (guitars only)

Samples: http://www.lastfm 

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