MEKIGAH "The Necessary Evil" /CD/

Second full-length album by Australian Blackened Gothic/Doom Metal band.
Mekigah continue to live up to their promise in birthing misshapen monsters of sound from the Black and distorted chaos that is the fleshy spring of Dark music. This second album from the Australian Dooming Goths dropping some of the more theatrical elements that their debut effort suffered from. Instead an occasional torching of Blackened Metal rears its ugly head, leering lecherously over "Bloodlust", offering an even darker respite from the gloom. Although soon we descend once more into long, deep blasts of foghorn like vocals that simply possess every fiber of your being if played at volume, a state where the excellent production values of the album stand loud and very proud.
If you want a deep, dark, immersive experience that at volume will shake you to your very core, then you may desire to wallow in "The Necessary Evil" served up by Mekigah!!
Numerous guest musicians adding everything from snippets of vocals and guitars, to "field recordings" and a piano solo. "Devil’s Music" is dark, dense and challenging, as works of this type should be, filled with blackly brooding, atmospheric riffs.
Selfreleased, 2012. Made in Australia.

1. Burning My Wings On Your Radiance 05:28
2. The Necessary Evil 05:25
3. Bloodlust 05:24
4. The Scythian Revolution 04:24
5. The Unjust Abhorrence Of His Name 05:47
6. Galkadjama 05:16
7. Touching A Ghost 04:45
8. Crossing Over Into The Void Of Primal Emotion 06:44
9. In The City Of The Blind 03:05
10. Le Roi Est Mort 05:11
11. From The Cradle To The Grave 05:59
Total playing time: 57:28

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