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MASTODON “Blood Mountain” /Ltd. Picture LP/

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The third full-length studio album by the American Progressive/Sludge Metal band.
After springing into existence fully formed with the fantastic Progressive Post-Sludge "Remission", Mastodon injected more melody and ambition into its accomplished and worthy follow-up, "Leviathan". Their Proggy tendencies became even more prominent on "Blood Mountain". The band's emphasis on clean, melodic vocals instead of the harsher vocals that the band used on their early work continues to grow on this album.
Like Mastodon's previous studio work "Leviathan", "Blood Mountain" is a concept album. According to bassist Troy Sanders, "It's about climbing up a mountain and the different things that can happen to you when you're stranded on a mountain, in the woods, and you're lost. You're starving, hallucinating, running into strange creatures. You're being hunted. It's about that whole struggle." Guitarist Bill Kelliher considers this album to represent the earth element. At the time, bassist Troy Sanders called it "sonically the best album we have done".
The album includes guest appearances by Scott Kelly of Neurosis on "Crystal Skull", Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age on "Colony of Birchmen", as well as keyboard player Isaiah "Ikey" Owens of The Mars Volta and singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala of At The Drive-In and The Mars Volta on "Pendulous Skin" and "Siberian Divide", respectively.
"Blood Mountain" voted the best album of 2006 in the UK Metal Hammer Magazine end-of year polls, as well as top in Total Guitar Magazine's top 50 albums of 2006. It was also rated the 17th Greatest Metal Album of All Time by a countdown recently carried out by gaming website IGN. "Blood Mountain" entered the Billboard 200 bestselling album charts at No. 32, with 24 000 sold copies, marking it the third highest debut in the band's career before "Crack The Skye" and "The Hunter". The album is also one of the band's highest selling effort to date. By December 2006, the album had sold more than 65 000 copies in the U.S. alone according to the band's website. By March 2009, the album had sold 150 000 copies in the U.S. according to Nielsen Soundscan, and by September 2010 it had sold 176 000 copies.
Over the last fifteen years, Mastodon has grown into one of the leading lights in contemporary Heavy Metal. As intelligent as they are massive, they took a significant step forward with their third album and major label debut.
Release Relapse Music (BMI)/Reprise Records, A Warner Music Group Company, 2006/2017 (561699-1). Made in Czech. First time on Picture Disc.


Side 1
1. The Wolf Is Loose 3:34
2. Crystal Skull 3:27
3. Sleeping Giant 5:36
4. Capillarian Crest 4:25
5. Circle Of The Cysquatch 3:19
6. Bladecatcher 3:20

Side 2
7. Colony Of Birchmen 4:19
8. Hunters Of The Sky 3:52
9. Hand Of Stone 3:30
10. This Mortal Soil 5:00
11. Siberian Divide 5:32
12. Pendulous Skin 22:15

Total playing time: 68:09 min.

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