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MASSACRA “Signs Of Decline” /CD/

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Second re-release of the third full-length album by the cult French Death/Thrash Metal band.
Massacra was one of France's leading Death Metal bands in the early nineties, with the speedy 1990 debut "Final Holocaust" in particular showing some major chops. They are considered underrated compared to other Death Metal legends in the same league. Just seems strange the band is actually cult in foreign countries while it's not really the case in France.
The albums after this head into groove metal territory. The albums they made before "Signs Of The Decline" had top notch songwriting and killer riffs but the sound of the album itself was nothing more than decent. "Signs Of Decline" solved that issue and delivered an excellent complete package.
While this album might be the most Death Metal album Massacra made it is definitely not a major departure from the two albums they made before this one. What we've got here is basically German Thrash Metal on overdrive mixed with primordial Death Metal. There are some passages that are similar to the chunky Death/Thrash Grooving Pestilence had done on their first 2 albums. There are blistering Thrash parts which can be described as way more dangerous sounding Kreator. This album also is quite similar to the material Merciless produced around the same period, except this album is a step or two more unhinged and reckless. Unhinged and reckless is a bad thing, right? No, it's an absolute positive trait for raging Death/Thrash like this. This album is a perfect example of how great a riff salad can be.
The riffing is not the only positive aspect. The drums pound and smash. At times it seems like you are listening to a drum kit getting violently demolished. Frederick Duval (RIP) delivers vocals which are quite typical for the initial wave for Death Metal style wise. However a crucial addendum he was also one of the best vocalists of this era. He is a bit more guttural and more clearly understandable than most of his peers. Partly due to his French accent his vocals are quite recognizable.
This is their best sounding album. The guitars have a superb tone. The drums sound punchy and angry; the vocals are at the right place mix wise. The bass provides the low end and creates very much a full sound. "Signs Of Decline" is basically an essential classic! "Sins Of Decline" is considered to be one of the finest Death/Thrash albums ever!!
Shark Records/Disembodied Records, 1992/2013 (DR 037). Made in Argentina.

1. Evidence Of Abomination
2. Defying Man's Creation
3. Baptized In Decadence
4. Mortify Their Flesh
5. Traumatic Paralyzed Mind
6. Excruciating Commands
7. World Dies Screaming 
8. Signs Of The Decline 
9. Civilisation In Regression 
10. Full Frontal Assault

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