MASACRE “Reqviem” /CD/

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First official re-release of the debut full-length album by the cult Colombian Death Metal band.
Masacre are one of 157 Death Metal bands to have that name or some variation of it in their moniker. Originally released in 1991 by Osmose Productions, "Reqviem" is considered to be a classic Black Metal album. The band dedicated the album to Dead from Mayhem when Euronymous was still interested in signing Masacre on his label Deathlike Silence Productions.
This is very underground sounding stuff, kind of like a cross between old school Brazilian Death Metal with Black Metal ideas from Blasphemy and Mystifier. As such it's pretty damn cool, although the mix is pretty bad, but it does have a certain cryptic charm to it. Extreme agressive and raw, with lots of melodic passages and Black Metal moments but still being a Death Metal album.
This album is so underrated, but if people listened to it, they'll see how good of a band this is! Recommended!!
Raven Music, 1991/2014. Made in Israel.

1. Intro - Requiem 2:12
2. Cortejo Fúnebre 8:58
3. Justicia Ramera 3:13
4. Brutales Masacres 4:55
5. Sepulcros En Ruinas 4:12
6. Escoria 4:25
7. Ola De Violencia 4:15
8. Tiempos De Guerra 4:42
9. Conflicto De Paz 5:28
10. Cáncer 5:04
11. Blasfemias 6:37
Total playing time: 54:01


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