MARE INFINITUM “Alien Monolith God” /CD/

The second full-length album by Russian Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal band.
"Alien Monolith God" invites you to a new journey through the endless sea. The musical material of the album is a logical continuation of the debut release "Sea Of Infinity" and includes 55 minutes of high-quality Doom Death Metal. The crew of the Mare Infinitum ship will exalt you to the space heights, where a massive meteorite attack threatens to eliminate every living being on the surface of planet Earth, and then sank into the dark Lovecraftian depths where unknown Cthulhian creatures plunge you into the abyss of an imminent terror...
The first song “The Nightmare Corpse-City Of R’lyeh”, which is hard to pronounce, is kicking it from the beginning. Strong intro makes way for nothing else than epic Doom/Death Metal, leaving you in that deadly trance. It moves you, yet you sit still. The riffs have that kind of vibe where one would either feel like in a mythical planet facing a living building, or just as if your small life is insignificant in the scheme of things. The references to Cthulhu are nice. They just make the feel of this album complete. Really nice work, and that continues on the rest of the album.
The vocals have this combination between some growls and come cleaner vocals. This sometimes daring combination gets some empowerment from a female voice in “Prosthetic Consciousness”, leaving you with just one more happy smile on your face.
The final song “The Sun That Harasses My Solitude” fits right in with the rest of “Alien Monolith God”, yet it has that ending. A well crafted stop at the end, which really leaves you in a trance. It is almost flawless.
“Alien Monolith God” is one of those albums you will listen to for a thousand times; the kind where you'll not even notice that one hour of your life is gone. You just sit there, idle, as time passes, not noticing anything but the epic story told by the lyrics. All that makes this album near perfection. If you finish this you might find yourself just sitting, staring at the wall, thinking of life. This album is powerful!
Solitude Productions/Fono Ltd., 2015 (SP. 101-15 / FOP072CD). Made in Russia. First press.

1. The Nightmare Corpse-City Of R’Lyeh 10:21 
2. Prosthetic Consciousness 11:15 
3. Alien Monolith God 14:21 
4. Beholding The Unseen Chapter II 8:13 
5. The Sun That Harasses My Solitude 11:21
Total playing time: 55:31


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