MANDRAGORA “Carnal Cage” /CD/

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Official release of the second full-length album by Lithuanian Melodic Death Metal band.
Melodic Death Metal of the highest instrumental order!
With very few bands coming out of the small country of Lithuania, it is to our great pleasure to witness the quality and excellent musicianship behind Mandagora’s “Carnal Cage”. Being the band’s first release in seven years, it kind of seems that it was stuck in Melodic Death Metal limbo, allowing this album to sound like the good old days of the genre.
Opening with some funky Middle-Eastern sounding riffs in “Masquerade”, the album sets of on a very well defined path of excellent melodic passages and riffing wizardry. Reminding us a bit of older Dark Tranquility and Dark Lunacy, the band nicely opens with an excellent riffing onslaught the song “In Doubt”. The tempo changes are very well introduced and the drumming is just right, the growls are your typical ‘manly’ melodic Death Metal growls, allowing the music to sound both powerful and very melodic. There is a particularly awesome bass guitar section that made this song even more amazing for us.
Starting off a bit more melodic with “Unconsciousness”, this track creates a very grandiose atmosphere before things start rolling. The minimal use of keyboards through this album is just right, allowing the guitars to shine and deliver the goods, just like old-school bands used to do. The catchiness of “Unconsciousness” is another fact that helps to make this one of our favorite tracks on this album. Song after song, the band delivers excellent guitar-driven song structures that are quite different from each other, making “Carnal Cage” a delightful listening experience that never gets dull.
Tacks like “The Unknown” and “Sand and Dust” feature excellent headbanging passages that should not be missed by die-hard fans of Melodic Death Metal. The instrumental closer “After” shows that the band has more dimensions that only whipping out sick MDM riffs, but they can also create melodic pieces that don’t need to be aggressive in nature.
The band delivers 9 very different tracks that are nicely centered on the catchiness of the guitar work. With this Old-school vibe and a pristine production, this album is one of the best Melodic Death Metal releases of 2012!
SG Records, 2011/2012 (SGCD051). Made in Italy.

1. Masquerade 
2. In Doubt 
3. Desolated Fields 
4. Unconsciousness 
5. Curse Of Existence 
6. Walk To Fall 
7. The Unknown 
8. Sand And Dust 
9. After (Instrumental)
Total playing time: 48:37 min.

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