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LYRIEL "Leverage" /CD/

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    Band: LYRIEL
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Used: very good.

The fourth full-length album by German Folk Metal/Rock band.
Gothic Rock, Celtic atmosphere and female vocals. The album is quite short at just under 35 minutes, and this serves as nothing but a benefit. Nine full tracks which are short, accessible and highly catchy. The band has even incorporated heavier moments into their sound, which again is an absolute benefit. The Folk elements take a slight backseat but this is still Folksy and the melodies particularly ring out the Folk influence. Jessica sounds a lot better here, and way more in control with every song having a powerful hook. 
Among a mix of Soft Folk Rock as well as Symphonic Metal and Gothic Metal, album features a duet with Schandmaul vocalist Thomas Lindner. Also "Leverage" contains two songs "The Road Not Taken" and "Parting" that are based on lyrics by Robert Frost and Charlotte Brontë respectively.
This isn't going to change the mind of those who can't stomach female-fronted Metal, and a lot of the melodies are admittedly Poppy, however this does make a nice break from the more oppressive music. "Leverage" is an utterly charming affair, and has been well conceived. It's highly recommend to any fan of female-fronted Metal, and those who enjoy melodic and accessible Metal! Try it!!
AFM Records/Fono Ltd., 2012 (FO898CD). Made in Russia. Used: very good.

1. When It's Coming To An End... 1:39 
2. Leverage 3:50 
3. Parting 3:24 
4. Voices In My Head 4:17 
5. The Road Not Taken 3:45 
6. White Lily 4:05 
7. Aus Der Tiefe 3:22 
8. Wenn Die Engel Fallen [Feat. Thomas Lindner / Schandmaul] 3:21 
9. Side By Side 3:01 
10. Repentance 4:11
Total playing time: 34:55

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