LUNARSEA “Hundred Light Years” /CD/

The third full-length album by Italian Melodic Death Metal band.
Catchy mix of Melodic Death Metal and Progressive Power Metal with mostly harsh vocals. It’s fast paced and rhythmic; uses an abundance of keyboards and includes some unexpected spacey moments with piano and violins. Their sound has a slight Black Metal feel to it at times, as well as some Neo-Classical Prog influences.
The album's sound production is very clear, creating a fine listener. The material is diverse, full of emotions, melodies, aggression and ruthlessness. Lunarsea issued well performed growling, screaming, melodic clean vocals, blast beat, synths alongside typical Progressive Power Metal riffing.
There are a couple of guest appearances on the album; the singer and violinist Tim Charles from the Australian Progressive Death Metal band Ne Obliviscaris (on track 8) and Emanuele Cassali from the band DGM (on track 6). They add some much needed variation to the songs. The lyrics are quite interesting and very abstract.
“Hundred Light Years” is superior, high quality material that shouldn't go unnoticed. No doubt that melodic Death Metal fans would want to get to know these guys better after listening to this one!
Punishment 18 Records, 2013 (P18R 060). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Phostumous 1:35 
2. 3 Pieces Of Mosaic 4:14 
3. Next And Future 4:18 
4. Ianus 5:32 
5. Sonic Depth Finder 4:49 
6. As Seaweed 7:26 
7. Pro Nebula Nova 4:34 
8. Aphelion Point 4:47 
9. Palindrome Orbit 4:49 
10. Ephemeris 1679 5:09
Total playing time: 47:13


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