LORD AGHEROS "Demiurgo" /Digipack CD/

The fourth full-length album by the Italian Atmospheric/Ambient Black Metal band.
“Demiurgo”, with its two indivisible souls, is a wonderful atmospheric piece of music that fits in well with these dark times. Musically it is a perfect balance between the obscure and extreme Black Metal elements overwhelmed with Atmospheric and Ambient parts, so to be without doubts a true inhuman soundtrack of this decadent era.
With the strength of the sound of Summoning, with the film score influences of Ulver, through classical music and theatrical Opera elements, Lord Agheros, as a modern Demiurgo, succeed to mould a colossal Atmospheric Extreme Metal Opera giving life with the sounds of his music, the listener’ unique universe! By the end of this album you have learned to expect the unexpected. So let Lord Agheros take you on this delirant journey!!
My Kingdom Music, 2012 (echo082). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Prologue 01:04
2. Eris 04:01
3. Styx 04:22
4. Thanatos 05:06
5. Moros 04:20
6. Nemesi 04:08
7. Lyssa 06:47
8. Letum 05:08
9. Erebo 03:29
10. Nyx 02:53
11. Oizys 03:25
12. Emera 02:32
13. Geras 03:45
14. Lysimele 02:52
15. Ker 01:42
16. Apate 03:18
17. Etere 01:40
Total playing time: 60:32 min.

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