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LINDEMANN “Skill In Pills” /Special Edition A5 Digibook/

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The debut full-length album by International Industrial Metal project of Till Lindemann (RAMMSTEIN) and Peter Tägtgren (PAIN, HYPOCRISY).
Comparisons to Rammstein are, of course, inevitable. The highly prolific Peter Tägtgren, being so well established himself, isn't about to ape another band's style. Where Rammstein roll right over songs like Tiger tanks with gut-punch riffs and concussive percussion, Tägtgren opts for a thinner and less-prominent guitar presence, sometimes subject to pedals and effects - something more Tägtgren-y. He utilizes keyboards and Industrial sound effects in a different manner from Rammstein, building up larger set pieces and refraining from jarring, staccato attacks. Overall, Lindemann places more emphasis on atmosphere and mood than on the violent assault.
Ridiculous and overwhelmingly loud, "Skills In Pills" is a humorous and grand side project. Why Lindemann gets whole billing is up for debate, but his convincing singing in English, instead of the usual German, is a good argument, although the punch lines still land with proper German oomph. Take the brilliant "Ladyboy" ("I got shot with the sweetest gun"), a miniature Industrial Metal opera that asks the burning question "Why should I fall in love when I can't have fun with my ladyboy?". "Golden Shower" stands proud as Caligula would as it chugs along like Ministry while begging for bedroom "watersports", then "Fish On" uses Devo-styled melodies and a story of hot aquatic sex that doubles as a metaphor for racial harmony.
Just like Rammstein and Hypocrisy, Lindemann is extreme with an ultra sheen as everything here sounds cinematic and orchestra big, and comes packaged in the kind of monied production that is usually reserved for the mainstream. Lindemann brings its own peculiar, impish charm that no other band out there can properly match. There is something rather "adorable" about Till Lindemann's entire shtick - in a very odd, sick, deviant, aberrant way, of course, but he is nonetheless endearing amidst all the cruel grotesqueries!
Swing a beer and split an eardrum because deviant sex acts and other dark depravity!!
All lyrics written by Lindemann; all music composed by Tägtgren.
Special Edition digibook features 28-page booklet and bonus track. 
Lindemann/Warner Music Group Germany Holding GmbH, 2015 (825646111879). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Skills In Pills 4:14 
2. Ladyboy 3:20 
3. Fat 4:12 
4. Fish On 4:12 
5. Children Of The Sun 3:40 
6. Home Sweet Home 3:45 
7. Cowboy 3:11 
8. Golden Shower 4:24 
9. Yukon 4:45 
10. Praise Abort 4:42 
11. That's My Heart 4:36
Total playing time: 45:01

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