L.I.G.O. "No One Safe" /CD/

L.I.G.O. is a side project formed by members of well-known underground bands.
However, they would rather prefer to postpone disclosing their real names till later.
This would allow avoiding unnecessary comparisons, as L.I.G.O. has nothing to do with these bands in terms of the music they play. Stylistically, the band cannot be labeled as limiting itself to a specific extreme music trend, whatsoever; instead, L.I.G.O.
has become a melting pot helping the musicians blend their musical preferences together into an integral entity embracing most metal music genres.
Despite the diversity of ingredients, the final product safely escaped eclecticism and rather became a compilation of whatever the metal scene has achieved over the past decades. The band's lyrics, essentially compilative, mainly addresses the simple yet inexhaustible concepts like inter- and parapersonal interaction between human beings with such everlasting constants as life and death.
Album including King Crimson cover song "Three of a Perfect Pair".
More Hate Productions, 2004 (MHP 04-027)

1.No One Safe 05:16
2.Thief 04:32
3.Lilith 05:16
4.Vagina Dentata 05:09
5.Death FM 05:02
6.Singularity 12:06
7.Three of a Perfect Pair 04:14

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