LESHAK "Hollow Prayer" /CD/

Second full-length album by Russian Folk/Thrash Metal band.
Slavonic Culture and Mythology Folk Thrash Metal band Leshak has returned independently released their new album “Pustosvyat” (Hollow Prayer). They have since picked up an accordionist since the release of their first album, “Chertovorot”, adding the bands already excellent folk sound. Their new songs are much more melodic, while still retaining the brutal death metal elements that the band is known for. The flute and the accordion work together perfectly to create some of the most catchy melodies and choruses, backed up by the thrashing guitar line and thunderous bass. These two instruments normally take a supporting role in folk metal these days, but on this album they are as prevalent and integral to the band’s sound as the flutes.
Overall, Leshak has returned with a killer second album! They definitely learnt a thing or two from their first album and have shown that they can be one of the best folk metal bands out there today!!
Sound Age Productions, 2012 (SAPCD 214)

1.Отче наш 01:45
2.Пустосвят 02:53
3.РостовЪ 04:08
4.Фёдор да Марья 03:08
5.Ойся, ты Ойся 03:48
6.Мельница 03:06
7.Распутье 03:49
8.Чёртов Рог 03:47
9.Яблочко 04:15
10.Darjane-Marjane (trad. Karelian) 01:33
11.Ace of Spades (Motorhead Cover) 02:29
Total playing time: 34:41

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