LAST WAIL "The Tale Of Endless Night" /CD/

Folk/Viking Metal from Russia.
Killer folk-laden Viking metal from this highly promising young new band gives us wrathful female vocal, heavy riffs, aggressive drums, atmospheric melodies and pure raw energy of six young people which make the audience to forget about the daily routine and dive into another world.
Stygian Crypt Productions, 2011 (SCP 062)

1.Intro 01:42
2.Warrior of Justice 03:42
3.Revenge 04:20
4.Fighting the Dark 03:17
5.Mystery 01:31
6.Merciless 04:29
7.Tale of the Endless Night 04:12
8.The Doomed in Despair 04:27
9.Outro 01:34
10.Windrider (Ensiferum cover) 05:30
Total playing time: 34:44

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