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LANCER "Mastery" /Ltd. 2LP/

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    Band: LANCER
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The third full-length studio album by Swedish Power/Speed Metal band.
"Mastery" is a make-or-break record for Lancer, one that could just as well propel their ascension into the upper echelon of the Power Metal scene as it could send them careening into the depths of obscurity. Recorded and released almost immediately following their major label deal with Nuclear Blast, it’s Lancer’s first chance to make an impression on most listeners. And, as is the case with anything in life, a band’s first impression dictates a great deal of their future successes and failures.
Vocalist Stenvall’s opening wail on “Dead Raising Towers” blows out your ear drums while reminding you more of Prog vocalists like Tate or La Torre than corny falsetto. Stenvall’s vocals can indeed get rather high pitched but he never over does it or tries to outshine the songs; he effortlessly glides along with the music using a sharp, pointed, vocal attack.
Kelemen and Solvelius bring a twin guitar attack but it isn’t all about guitar dueling; a large part of the music is pretty much Speed Metal. The super-fast riffing on tracks like “Iscariot” and “Freedom Eaters” echo Labyrinth during their “Return To Heaven Denied” era.
Generally speaking, Metal as a whole tends to not be a real show case for great bass players but Oberg is pretty damn amazing; his bass sound has a really good Funky, playful sound to it but also still brings a heavy low end. He really shines thru when the guitars forgo speed for melody, allowing him to lead the band.
Pedernera is a machine with double bass so fast it sometimes sound like there is another guitar player thrashing out. His snare and cymbal work is fast, clean, and furious.
Without a doubt, one of the best Power/Prog releases of 2017!!
Limited edition to 300 copies orange vinyl in gatefold cover includes bonus track.
Nuclear Blast Records, 2017 (NB 3848-1). Made in EU. First press.


Side A
1. Dead Raising Towers 3:37 
2. Future Millennia 3:36 
3. Mastery 4:50

Side B
1. Victims Of The Nile 7:36 
2. Iscariot 5:20

Side C
1. Follow Azrael 6:28 
2. Freedom Eaters 4:46 
3. World Unknown 3:54

Side D
1. Widowmaker 4:33 
2. Envy Of The Gods 7:36 
3. The Wolf And The Kraken (Bonus Track) 3:55

Total playing time: 56:11 min.

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