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LABYRINTH (It) “Freeman” /Ltd. Digipack CD/

  • LABYRINTH (It) “Freeman” /Ltd. Digipack CD/

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Fifth full-length album by Italian Progressive Power Metal band.
Labyrinth have their trusty fan base, they play great music that’s more refreshing than thousands of good sounding imitators put together. The band’s comeback effort in 2003 was an obvious affirmation on fans having missed them, and was the real successor to their unchallenged masterpiece “Return To Heaven Denied”. In leaving Century Media the band got in touch with Arise Records to hand over their talents which are very much being explored on the newly built “Freeman”.
Musically, this record does a lot more than any of the band’s previous works.
The band didn’t lose any of their old trademarks (technical solos, sweet harmonies, beautiful keyboards etc) but with so much experimentation and awkwardness being added, that band looks like a matured, contemplative and open minded.
In the past the band always had a love for Progressive Metal giving their albums a “mazed”, slicker makeover in the complex solo duels and various arrangements, thus the focus of “Freeman” is unveiled. “Dive In Open Waters” and “M3” are the only songs where complexity doesn’t stand in front of the Power Metal elements, everything else on this record is a ride through kaleidoscopic inspirations tied with modern sound production. The band also recorded their most ambitious song to date in “Malcolm Grey”, a crestfallen and sympathizing ballad in which they may have found a new side of themselves.
Labyrinth is not a typical Power Metal band, they’re not even plain Power Metal, their principles have been slightly altered here, the mix of Prog and Power shapes itself more freely, the production sound is also harder and heavier topped by an electronical fragrance… those Italians, always going against the trends!
For fans of well done Delirious Progressive Power Metal!!
Arise Records/Scarecrow Records, 2005 (SC05171). Made in Mexico.

1. L.Y.A.F.H.     04:26 
2. Deserter     05:03 
3. Dive in Open Waters     03:10 
4. Freeman     04:16 
5. M3     04:10 
6. Face and Pay     05:27 
7. Malcolm Grey     06:02 
8. Nothing New     05:03 
9. Infidels     05:55 
10.Meanings     03:56
Total playing time: 47:28

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