KYPCK "Черно" /Digipack CD/

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Debut full-length album by Finnish Doom Metal band.
KYRCK is a band from Finland that took the iron curtain era of USSR as a concept. All the lyrics singing in Russian!
If you're into doom - trade your left hand for it; if you also like Crowbar - trade both of your hands for it; if you're a Russian - hell, beat the vendor up and snatch it. In all seriousness - get it. It's highly memorable, highly enjoyable and doesn't wear out even after being heard on a daily basis.
Booklet contains lyrics, credits and tracklisting in both Russian and English.
Century Media Records/Fono Records, 2006 (FO750CD)

1.Гидролокатор (Depth Finder) 01:48
2.Рождество В Мурманске (Christmas in Murmansk) 04:51
3.Предатель (Traitor) 05:38
4.1917 04:59
5.Чёрная Дыра (The Black Hole) 08:44
6.Сталинград (Stalingrad) 05:11
7.Не Прости (Do Not Forgive) 05:22
8.Очередные (The Usual) 04:15
9.Один День Из Жизни Егора Кузнецова (One Day in the Life of Yegor Kuznetzov) 05:38
10.Демон (Demon) 07:48
Total playing time: 54:14

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