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KROHM “A World Through Dead Eyes” /CD/

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    Band: KROHM
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Second re-release of the debut full-length album by American Black Metal one-man band.
The long awaited re-issue of the solo project of Dario Derna (Evoken, Abazagorath, Drawn And Quartered, Fenebrarum… etc.). His guitar work is reminiscent of Xasthur, with pulsing, dissonant jangly figures. The guitars have the requisite grittiness, yet the overall sound is relatively full. Since Derna’s a drummer, his percussion is more “lively” and interesting than the typical one-man band drum machine. So many one-man black metal projects are so lo-fi that they destroy their own atmosphere, but this album invites you to sit inside it and shiver!
Debut album continues the soundscapes and effect of demo "Crown Of The Ancients". This album, poetically named "A World Through Dead Eyes", is exactly what it promises. A trip to the paradoxical thought of sensing a world without any chance to be part of it anymore, after death and bathing in blind coldness and void. Same atmosphere was already present in the very convincing demo "Crown Of The Ancients" which ideas are now developed into 50+ minute depressive and hauntingly beautiful musical whole.
All seven tracks of the album have unique and even incredible compositions that most often cannot be named over another track. The music in "A World Through Dead Eyes" is mainly very slow and middle-paced with strong importance on distorted guitar strings. Drums are well mixed in the foggy atmosphere alongside synths, which are also very important in the mentioned demo. Numinas' vocals have a personal sound, they are not monotonous screams like sometimes in this kind of Depressive Black Metal, but rather easily heard growls and howls with even recognizable lyrics dealing with dark emotions and cosmic nightmares, both being the essences of strong atmosphere.
It is hard to find any negative aspects in Krohm's first album. This music just happens to use many elements and key instruments of Black Metal. Krohm is musical brilliance from the darkest depths of human existence. Yet Krohm sounds very personal without any clear pointing to any other band or project out there. Krohm and "A World Through Dead Eyes" are that remarkable!!
Cover design by Kvarforth (Shining).
53 minutes of cold, eerie Depressive Black Metal! Pure early 90's USBM!!
Unexploded Records, 2004/2012 (UER036). Made in Sweden.

1. I Suffer The Astral Woe 7:42 
2. A Lurking Dream 7:23 
3. The Waning 6:30 
4. When Morning Never Returned 8:45 
5. A World Through Dead Eyes 7:52 
6. Silence Turns To Gray 5:38 
7. My Hearse 9:29
Total playing time: 53:19

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