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KRISIUN “The Great Execution” /2LP/

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    Band: KRISIUN
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The eighth full-length album by cult Brazilian Death Metal band.
"The Great Execution" is an organic sounding masterpiece full of songs that are diverse, containing extreme tempo variations, distinct patterns and even clean guitars. By successfully ignoring trends and fads, Krisiun have emerged as one of the most impressive Death Metal imports from South America and stand toe-to-toe with their Death Metal peers in ferocity and sheer shred-ability – and this album will only further this legacy!
A mature and varied Death/Thrash effort by these genre veterans, which should also appeal to Vader fans!
Century Media Ltd., 2011 (9979841). Made in Germany. First press. Gatefold 2LP.


LP 1

Side A
1. The Will To Potency 6:23
2. The Great Execution 5:18
3. Violentia Gladiatore 5:37

Side B
4. Rise And Confront 5:13
5. The Extremist 5:57
6. Blood Of Lions 5:06

LP 2

Side C
1. Descending Abomination 5:45
2. Extinção Em Massa 6:02
3. Black Force Domain (Re-Recorded) 5:02

Side D
4. Shadows Of Betrayal 8:38 
5. The Sword Of Orion 7:59

Total playing time: 67:00 min.

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