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Knosti Disco-Antistat Mixture /Record Care/

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The reusable antistatic liquid provides accurate and efficient cleaning of vinyls and removal of static electricity. It is able to remove not only dust, but also deep greasy dirt in the grooves of the disc and for a long time keep the surface clean. The volume of detergent is sufficient for a long period of use. This is the best way to clean the vinyls, so much needed by every vinyl collector!
Knosti (3509). Made in Germany.

Features and benefits of Disco-Antistat Mixture:
• Provides effective and safe removal of dust and grease
• Has a high antistatic effect with a long shelf life
• Made for use with Knosti Record Washing Machine (any generation)
• Can be used with any vacuum machine
• Not intended for cleaning of shell (gramophone) discs
• Volume: 1.0 liter

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