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KIPELOV “Zhit' Vopreki / Live Against” /Ltd. CD + DVD/

  • KIPELOV “Zhit' Vopreki / Live Against” /Ltd. CD + DVD/

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Second full-length album by band of legendary Valeriy Kipelov, former vocalist of Russian Heavy Metal band ARIA.
The name Valeriy Kipelov should be familiar to anyone with even a passing interest in Russian Heavy Metal. Best known as the voice of Aria (aka “The Russian Iron Maiden”), the golden-throated Kipelov fronted that legendary band from 1985 through 2002, before internal strife fractured Aria in twain. Comrade Kipelov took a couple of other Aria members with him and formed a new band bearing his own surname, carrying on with the traditional Aria sound, albeit with a few progressive and experimental impulses cropping up from time to time.
“Live Against” is an excellent slab of traditional Russian Heavy Metal that shows Kipelov keeping pace with (and in some ways even surpassing) their more celebrated comrades from Aria. Beginning with the vocals, Valeriy Kipelov has always been the gold standard for Russian singers, and ranks among the finest Heavy Metal singers in the world. Sounding like a slightly grittier Klaus Meine, Kipelov’s voice drips heartfelt emotion. Maybe he’s lost a fraction of his range due to the ravages of time and touring, but Valeriy still sounds fantastic!
In terms of songwriting, "Live against" strikes a nicely diversified, dynamic balance within the oldschool Metal spectrum. Everything is well written and well executed, as one would expect from a band stocked with seasoned, battle-scarred veterans. This is terrific gateway CD as it showcases the hallmarks of the style, at a very high level of professionalism and skill. "Live Against" is a mandatory purchase!!
Digipack includes 22-page booklet + bonus DVD with interview and photo gallery.
Misteriya Records, 2011 (MZ 453-9). Made in Russia. First press.


1. Интро 
2. Жить Вопреки 
3. Власть Огня 
4. Гламурная Птица 
5. На Грани 
6. Безумие 
7. Черная Звезда 
8. Еще Повоюем 
9. Дыхание Последней Любви 
10. На Крутом Берегу

1. Interview     
2. Photo Gallery

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