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KHORS “Wisdom Of Centuries” /CD/

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  • KHORS “Wisdom Of Centuries” /CD/

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Fifth full-length album by Ukrainian Black Metal band.
Fifth album from this excellent band from the Ukraine, and the first they have sung in their own language. Band has continued to build upon their sound with the release of their fifth full length, and the music across their five albums is inspired by the spiritual ancient world of their elder ancestors.
The vocals, provided by Helg are very powerful in this album, sitting firmly at the front of the mix, the growl on the vocals perfectly accompanies the music from the band. The instruments on this album are simplistic but effective, very rare do the guitars, drums or any instrument show off, but the songs that are created do not require them to, the riffs that are laid down are pounding and aggressive, but at the same time create an atmosphere that is not found on the most aggressive Black Metal albums, such as ones from Dark Funeral . When solos do occur, such as on "Black Forest's Flaming Eyes" they are short and simple, added more for the purpose of variation than any other idea. Drumming and bass on the album take a more back seat approach, the drumming, like the guitar is more simple, double bass is a common feature, particular on the fast paced song "The Last Leaves" but there is no over complication on the other tracks, rather than this been an issue, it perfectly joins the music to help create the atmosphere that is essential to this album. The bass rarely rears its head, seeming content to be at the back, adding to the support that the drums create.
The overwhelming forte of this album however is to be found in the way the songs themselves are constructed, the songs flow and change as they progress, "The Last Leaves" is a perfect example of this, the song going through different stages as it goes. It is this, along with the perfect blending of instrumentation that creates the atmosphere that the album channels to the listener. The songs vary, some like "The Last Leaves" are the more aggressive side to the album, providing a force that is balanced by other tracks such as the title track itself, which provides a complete change of direction courteously of the opening, which features a solo drum intro.
Atmospheric, melodic and ferocious all at once...definitely some amazing stuff from a band of scene vets from the Ukraine underground. For anyone looking for a thoroughly enjoyable and grand Underground Black Metal album, this should be the first point of call! Everything about it, save from the filler is Black Metal at its finest, and thanks to a well done production, it can be easily enjoyed!!
Candlelight Records, 2012 (CANDLE365CD). Made in UK. First press.

1. Крізь Хмари Минулого (Through The Clouds Of The Past)     1:54 
2. Палаючі Очі Чорного Лісу (Black Forest's Flaming Eyes)     9:16 
3. Останнє Листя (The Last Leaves)     6:28 
4. Де Велич Гiр Обiймає Простiр (Where The Grandeur Of Mountains Embraces The Space)     1:56 
5. Горизонтів Гладінь (Horizons Glassy)     2:55 
6. Мудрість Століть (Wisdom Of Centuries)     6:18 
7. Лише Час Забере (Only Time Will Take It Away)     7:53 
8. Сутінки (Twilight)     1:30
Total playing time: 38:10


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