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KEVLAR SKIN “Transmigrator” /Digipack CD/

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The third full-length album by Spanish Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore band.
The unique fusion of Brutal Death Metal and Grindcore. Instilled from the beginning of the album, with the mechanical introduction during "Dawn of a Nation", the material has a cold, calculated feel that's hard to shake; it really draws in the listener right from the get-go. Almost akin to newer Skinless work, though not quite as fast. This mood comes to be a necessity, as the content proves itself to be filled with stiff compositions that have the tendency to relapse into standard Death Metal expectations, but there's plenty of audible candy to go around.
That's not to say that there aren't any creative song structures, "Dawn of a Nation", "Self Proclaimed God", "Transmigrator", "Voluntary Extinction" and "Rebirth from Collapse" are all striking tracks in their own right, but the material surrounding these exceptions is where the album falters. Where the content introduces a multitude of technical snippets, the end result is that the framework is a rapid combination of Death Metal with slight Grindcore undertones. These snippets never really feel embedded into the mainframe, and instead are sprinkled on top for extra zest; the band also finds themselves using the same techniques redundantly.
The drum hits are powerfully sincere, there's a meaningful impact behind every beat. "Self Proclaimed God" starts off with a series of rapid double bass kicks, which extend into deeper areas of the track, and "Voluntary Extinction" has a lavish area where the drummer freely partakes in a drum solo despite the guitar clutter around him. Other than generous portions of gallops and triplets, the listener can expect to hear a lot of blast beats and double bass kick filler. The latter track is also home to some of the best rhythm guitar work on the album, displaying a series of anomalous picking, harmonics, and rapidly picked strings that cause a buzzing sensation.
While everything mentioned here sounds like it would make "Transmigrator" an enthralling experience, which it does, the entire event feels forced. In general, the profound excursions sound like they were added as an afterthought; but with a bit more polishing it's almost certain that Kevlar Skin can take this awkwardness out of their sound. Some portions of the content also sound close to that of Grindcore band Cattle Decapitation, especially "Flatline Famine", which is close in rhythm to that of "Into the Public Bath". Other than the small nitpicking, Kevlar Skin have issued a fantastic album that deserves more recognition than what it's received thus far! Be sure to support them if you like what you hear!!
Eclectic Productions, 2014 (EP 037). Made in Ukraine. First press.

1. Dawn of a Nation 04:50
2. Breed of Salvation 04:09
3. Self Proclaimed God 04:32
4. Transmigrator 05:04
5. Hardware (M.A.R.K. 13) 03:14
6. Voluntary Extinction 04:56
7. Flatline Famine 03:29
8. Rebirth from Collapse 04:21
Bonus Track:
9. La Salvacion de las Almas por el Odio 04:50
Total playing time: 39:25


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