KETELENS’ BRUKKE “Graeueltaten / Memories Of Life” /Pro CDR/

The debut full-length album by Austrian Black Metal band.
The band from Salzburg offers variable Black Metal with calm and bombastic moments. 40 minutes of hateful, cold Black Metal, which holds some short slower parts to intensify the atmosphere. 
"Graeueltaten/Memories Of Life" takes us to a journey back in time to the nineties. Old school Black Metal - raw, fast and frostbitten!!
Nordsturm Productions/Sturmglanz Black Metal Manufaktur, 2010 (NSP 028 / 2011S001). Made in Germany.

1. Intro: Possession 01:14
2. Unheilig zu Staub und Aschen verbrennend 07:51
3. Agony of Despair 03:42
4. Unnumbered Tears 03:55
5. Beside His Shrine in Midst my Woods 05:02
6. Marias Todestag 01:26
7. Vom Hausen mit den ledigen Dirnen 06:52
8. Der Teufel und der See 05:50
9. The Usurper / Outro 02:03
Total playing time: 37:56 min.

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