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KATATONIA "Viva Emptiness" /Digipack CD/

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Re-release of the sixth full-length studio album by the legendary Swedish Depressive Rock/Metal band.
This could be it. This could be the album that Katatonia will never be able to top. A lot of people were converted to the “new” Katatonia through the previous record, "Last Fair Deal Gone Down". That album has a lot of great moments, but you could feel that there was definitely room for improvement. "Viva Emptiness" incorporates more of a Rock style, with a strong but melodic Doom Metal sound influenced by Progressive Rock and Alternative Metal.
Jonas Renske’s vocals are even more melodious, clean and despondent than before - conveying a unique edge to contrast the melancholic yet rocking edge of the music. The heavy songs rock hard, while the softer ones, like the brilliant “Omerta,” have excellent touch. The solid riffs and permanently memorable choruses mean that every song on "Viva Emptiness" has something to offer.
Opener "Ghost Of The Sun" welcomes the listener with its dark atmosphere and undeniable heaviness. For those seeking further heaviness, there is a good amount of it found on such tracks as the aforementioned "Ghost Of The Sun", "Evidence", "Wealth", and "Walking By A Wire". For brooding melodies, and catchiness, look no further than the exceptional "Criminals", the haunting "One Year From Now", and the somewhat upbeat "Omerta". Take all of these songs and surround them in a sombre atmosphere, and you've got an excellent album that grows on you with each listen.
The only criticism that can be pointed to the band is their rather careless use of curse words. Over the last two albums at least, Katatonia has been into jabbing the listener by including the word “fuck” into songs. It does provide some edge, yes, but seems equally a device to make all the conservative mommies cover their mouths and elicit a “parental advisory” sticker.
Darkness, melody, atmosphere and accessibility: all of these can be found on "Viva Emptiness", so toss aside all unwarranted judgments, and allow yourself to experience this emotionally driven collection of songs. You owe it to yourself to do so!
One of the best albums of the year for sure!!
Peaceville Records, 2003/2004 (CDVILED103). Made in UK. Pressed in Germany.

1. Ghost Of The Sun     4:07 
2. Sleeper     4:08 
3. Criminals     3:47 
4. A Premonition     3:33 
5. Will I Arrive     4:09 
6. Burn The Remembrance     5:22 
7. Wealth     4:22 
8. One Year From Now     4:02 
9. Walking By A Wire     3:32 
10. Complicity     4:01 
11. Evidence     4:36 
12. Omerta     2:58 
13. Inside The City Of Glass     4:08
Total playing time: 52:45

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