KALKI AVATARA "Mantra For The End Of Times" /MCD/

Experimental Folk / Symphonic Metal from Italy.
A mind-twisting neo-classical Black Metal overture akin to “Deaths Design” by Diabolical Masquerade! Neoromantic Mystical Avantgarde project from Hell-10-Kabbalus (also Aborym, Malfeitor , Shoreborn) supporting the end of the Kali-Yuga process. Kalki will give birth from the ruins to a new mankind. We are awaiting.
Shaytan Productions, 2008 (Qayamat-03)

1.Mankind Collapses 05:28
2.Ruins of Kali-Yuga 05:18
3.Purification 05:50
4.Awaiting the Golden Age 04:19
Total playing time: 20:58

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