KA-MMEN “The Sands” /Digipack CD/

The debut full-length album by the Ukrainian Psychedelic Progressive Gothic/Doom Metal band.
Sensual and soulful, pushing and energetic, melodic and rhythmic, deep and meditative... the music plays with moods and sonorities. Ka Mmen has knocked into one the best traditions of 1960s Psychedelic Rock, 1990-2000s British Melancholic Rock and Norwegian Avant-Garde Metal, skillfully interweaving their original and extraordinary harmonies into this canvas.
LightStream Division of Darknagar Records, 2012 (DNR 017 LSD 001). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Peacock Butterfly 07:49
2. Worship 05:00
3. Cold of the World Above 05:31
4. I'm a Grand Piano 02:30
5. In Chains 05:51
6. Orca's Dream 03:42
7. Sightless Sky 04:25
8. Steppe Wolf 06:10
9. Rise from Ashes 06:49
10. Phoenix 07:34
Total playing time: 55:21

Samples: http://www.last.fm

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