JAG PANZER "Casting The Stones" /CD/

The eighth full-length album by the cult American Progressive Heavy/Power Metal band.
Denver's traditional metal purist Jag Panzer return with their eight release to date, successfully creating an epic statement that respectfully pays tribute to their roots and clearly foretells all that is still ahead of them.
This is the last album to feature Chris Broderick (Megadeth) on guitar.
Excellent Power/Heavy Metal with much class & skill!
Century Media Records/Fono Records, 2004 (FO415CD)

1.Feast or Famine 04:14
2.The Mission (1943) 04:09
3.Vigilant 05:03
4.Achilles 02:46
5.Tempest 04:40
6.Legion Immortal 04:31
7.Battered and Bruised 04:46
8.Cold 03:36
9.Starlight's Fury 06:18
10.The Harkening 04:44
11.Precipice 06:26
Total playing time: 51:13 

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