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ISTAPP “Frostbiten” /Ltd. GLP/

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    Band: ISTAPP
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The second full-length studio album by Swedish Melodic Black Metal band.
Once, planet Earth was covered in snow, ice and glaciers. Then, the foul solar-depending creatures swarmed the Earth with its repulsive existence. Now it is time to reverse the process and recreate Snowball Earth... Istapp ("Icicle" to translate) presents an antidote for the sun and its worshippers. These fully uncompromising Northmen from Mjövik return with another brilliant masterpiece of noble Melodic Black Metal.
Since the 2010 debut full-length, the stunning original "Blekinge", the Swedes let wait their supercooled followers on a new icy revelation. And the new light-eaters manifesto "Frostbiten" shows all the invested dedication, passion, fervour and obsession edifying significantly. Ten perfectly sophisticated sun-killers were composed with gigantic assiduity. Ten black shining numbers, which are all for the most exciting kind of Melodic Black Metal.
Raw, epic and aggressive Melodic Black Metal at its best! Stronger than ever, Fjalar and Isar bring forth the Absolute Zero and march for the final extermination of the Burning Star. 
One of the best Black Metal albums of 2015 so far!!
Track 8 is a re-recorded version of the song with the same name from the 2005 "Må det aldrig töa" demo. The demo version also appeared on 2007's "Köldens Union" compilation.
Limited Edition to 300 copies 180g White Vinyl in Gatefold Cover includes A2 Poster.
Trollzorn, 2015/2018 (TZ058LP). Made in Germany. First press.

A - Side
1. Apep 3:59
2. Frostbiten 3:32
3. Kall(Elsen) 2:45
4. Skoll 3:08
5. Primum Frigidum 4:27

B - Side
6. Polcirkelns Herre 3:47
7. Fimbulvinter 3:12
8. Må Det Aldrig Töa 4:15
9. Vinterland 2:38
10. Vit Makt 3:38
Total playing time: 35:21 min.

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