DEMONS OF DIRT "Killer Engine" /CD/

Debut full-length album by Swedish Melodic Death Metal band.
Great Swedish extreme metal! A bunch of Swedes that really add something new to the thrash/speed genre. It's not anything like the usual Gothenburg sound death/thrash metal,the best way to describe it would be taking The Haunted mixing it with "The Great Southern Trendkill" from Pantera (heck, sometimes the vocalist even sounds like Phil Anselmo) and you have......Demons Of Dirt!
Awesome stuff for fans of The Haunted & In Flames!
Hammerheart Records, 2002 (HHR107)

1.Demon Blues 03:59
2.Killer Engine 04:06
3.Last Call Of Alcohol 04:57
4.Repetitions 03:16
5.Devil By Thy Horns 03:11
6.Born In Sin 03:21
7.In Dreams 02:40
8.From The Cradle 02:45
9.Disrespect 03:28
10.Scum 04:04
Total playing time: 35:47

Samples: http://www.lastfm

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