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ICEPRESSIVE “Hidden” /Digipack CD/

  • ICEPRESSIVE “Hidden” /Digipack CD/

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Debut full-length album by Spanish Black Metal band.
You'll be pleasantly surprised to ear after hearing this good work of Black Metal created by this duo settled in Madrid and Segovia. Icepressive play high quality Black Metal where the furious riffs and melodic parts predominate. Great compositions taken to the furthest corners of the Nordic ice cold. 
Kadgar and Unorthodox having taken care of everything around the music, logo, cover, mixing, recording , production, editing , everything around this fantastic digipack is the work of its only two members have told a session drummer for this recording.
The sound is perfect, the voice of Kadgar although no resemblance to that used in his other band Abyfs throat is apparently exclusive to the Black Metal demonstrating that few vocalists can boast such a wide vocal play .
The music has rich composition influences from bands like: Immortal, Enthroned, Dissection, Satyricon, Carpathian Forest and a wide range of Scandinavian bands.
12 tracks make this work like 12 Icebergs in one hour, enough said if you want to enjoy a real great album of Black Metal here's one that you need!
Selfreleased, 2013. Made in Spain. First press.

1. Hidden     02:31 
2. Surrounded by an Eternal Blizzard     05:20 
3. The Cold Winter of Vostok     05:05 
4. It Marks Us All     04:09 
5. The Coldness of a Shadow     08:00 
6. Thawslow     03:35 
7. The Eternity Arrives on Ice Wings     05:34 
8. Written with the Ice of Valhalla     04:22 
9. The Sacred Black Crystal     03:56 
10. Arisen from the Deepest Darkness     04:56 
11. Smart Raging Flames     05:10 
Bonus Tracks:
12. Arrive, Conquer, Mechanize     05:07
Total playing time: 57:45


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