HELLLIGHT "Funeral Doom / The Light That Brought Darkness" /2CD/

Remastered re-issue of the second full-length album by Brazilian Funeral Doom/Death Metal  band, which was originally issued as a limited edition in 2008 and is currently sold out.
More Funeral Doom than most people can handle, this is one for the diehards only!
This special double-CD release combines the band's 2008 opus, 'Funeral Doom' with 2011 release, 'The Light That Brought Darkness' (previously download-only). The latter features the 12-minute title track, plus killer doom-flattened versions of songs by Black Sabbath, Danzig, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Bathory and Queen!
Solitude Productions, 2012 (SP. 054-12)


CD 1
1.Deep Siderial Silence 18:14
2.Funeral Doom 15:23
3.Nexus Alma 12:16
4.The Diary 04:01
5.Life in Darkness 11:47
6.Afterlife 07:55
7.In Memory of the Old Spirits 10:07
Total playing time: 01:19:43

CD 2
1.The Light That Brought Darkness 12:21
2.Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath) 08:12
3.How the Gods Kill (Danzig) 07:07
4.Hey Hey My My (Neil Young) 06:33
5.Confortably Numb (Pink Floyd) 08:10
6.Man of Iron (Bathory) 05:19
7.The Show Must Go On (Queen) 06:04

Total playing time: 53:46

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