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HEAVY LORD “Chained To The World” /LP/

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Third full-length album by Dutch Sludge Doom Metal band.
Heavy Lord have been around since 2002 and “Chained To The World” is already their third full-length (that’s including their self-released debut "The Holy Grail"). Compared to the previous record, "From Cosmos To Chaos", the music became more brutal and destructive. Presence of mature musical skills, make the band one of the representatives of the genre. Here we'll find a more Thrash-oriented Heavy Lord and less of that Sludge meets Stoner amalgamation refined to almost perfection on the debut, "From Cosmos To Chaos". Almost gone are the moody and muddy Doom-like passages; instead, Heavy Lord has incorporated a sort of angry and hateful melodic approach most evident in atmospheric Hardcore or post Hardcore bands (Neurosis and its many Offspring, so-to-speak).
Incessant crunchy guitars and fat, filthy bass lines hammer your skull and peel your skin; coupled with the massive yet Neanderthal drum work - the rhythm section is all you need to hear in order to bang your head to hell and back. The semi-clear, angry-as-f**k vocals antagonize and clash with the happy tunes and infuse them with misery and despair.
Heavy Lord are talented musicians and have that "total" and perfectionist approach to their art, hence they do what they do top-notch without leaving loose ends. No matter what stylistic expression they might think of and are cornered (or pigeonholed) in, their conviction, brutality and finesse (all in the same breath), are the qualities that separate their excellence from the grey mediocrity all around us. Any real Metal fan, should they be into Stoner, Sludge, Doom or Thrash Metal, remember: this is Metal, if there ever was one; Melodic, heavy, enthusiastic, and f*****g beautiful!
Solitude Productions, 2008 (SP.001LP). Made in Russia. Pressed in Belgium. First press.


1. Chained To The World 
2. Serpento 
3. Maelstrom 
4. Darius II 

5. Looking Into The Makers Eye 
6. Eternal Crawl 
7. Waiting To Die

Total playing time: 30:13


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