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GOREFEST “Erase” & “False” /Digipack 2CD Set/

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    Band: GOREFEST
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Remastered re-release of the second and the third full-length albums, in one Set, by the legendary Dutch Death Metal band.
Еhe exclusive double re-release of two albums by Gorefest - "False" and "Erase"! The most interesting thing about hearing Gorefest’s second and third album back to back again is how much the general vibe between both differs. "False", from 1992, is hard-hitting, blunt and just immensely cool and brutal. "Erase", from 1994, on the other hand is actually, musically speaking, the better album. The compositions are just solid and rock from beginning to the end. The energy or feeling between the two is very different, and having them together on this beautifully laid out digi-pack, with extensive liner notes, is the only way that you’ll actually know that it’s the same band, and, more surprisingly, the same line up. In between 1992 and 1994 however, the band grew beyond the Underground Death Metal act they’d started out as, becoming a force Europe and even the rest of the world, had to reckon with.
With what Metal Mind now call "The Ultimate Collection" you get both extremes of the Gorefest spectrum, more like snap shots, and not the gradual scale on which the band changed. The journey from primitive brutality to intelligent bluntness didn’t just happen overnight, but it was still immensely fast, a fact that showed the originality and talent of this Dutch band.
Now would probably also be a good time to reissue "The Eindhoven Insanity" the band’s amazing live album from 1993, released in the interbellum of the two mastodons that are "Erase" and "False".
Get your head in the game and learn everything that there is to know about the history of European Death Metal the way it’s supposed to be played!!
Digitally 24-Bit remastered re-edition on 24kt Gold CDs!
Metal Mind Productions, 1992/1994/2012 (MASS CD 1460 DGD). Made in Poland. First press.


CD 1 (False):
1. The Glorious Dead     4:36 
2. State Of Mind     5:37 
3. Reality - When You Die     6:33 
4. Get-A-Life     4:27 
5. False     4:37 
6. Second Face     5:18 
7. Infamous Existence     5:41 
8. From Ignorance To Oblivion     4:59 
9. The Mass Insanity     4:19

CD 2 (Erase):
1. Low     5:01 
2. Erase     5:51 
3. I Walk My Way     4:34 
4. Fear     4:34 
5. Seeds Of Hate     5:01 
6. Peace Of Paper     4:36 
7. Goddess In Black     6:17 
8. To Hell And Back     6:24

Total playing time: 88:25

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